"A Frenchonista clutch is a personal treasure that every woman should own."

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About Frenchonista

Frenchonista is founded by Samia Taika, Raised in France and currently located in Amsterdam. Samia combines her French flavor with her Moroccan heritage, where the leather is gorgeous and the colors of the culture vibrant.

The bags from the Frenchonista collection are inspired and designed for the elegant and powerful women, and each are named after powerful women that have inspired her life, giving each clutch a personal touch and original story.

Her collections have already made it to the red carpet when worn by several Dutch celebrities such as Beertje van Beers, Ovo Drenth, Miryanna Van Reeden, Coosje Smid and Caroline Spoor.

The brand offers the modern city women the perfect accessories to complete their wardrobes. The new collection from Frenchonista shows a variety of fabrics and colors and will be available in the upcoming collection.